The City of Cleveland Kennel
2690 West 7th Street, Cleveland 44113
Phone: 216-664-3069
Spay/Neuter clinic: 216-664-2759

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-3 pm.
It is the most overlooked animal facility in the Cleveland area. It is often confused with the APL & Cuyahoga County Kennel, but it is an entirely separate facility. The Cleveland Kennel gets in over 75 dogs a week from the city of Cleveland alone.
The animals that come into the kennel are all very special,
but they have not been the given the life that they deserve.

Row After Row of Cages....

All of the dogs that end up at the Cleveland Kennel have been found as strays on the streets of Cleveland. Most of them have a history of abuse & neglect. The Cleveland Kennel gets in an average of 75 dogs a week. It is our goal to give them the second chance in life that they deserve....